Good Girl Chronicles

Helping women find the freedom to speak their truth

You deserve to be heard, to tell your story to live and speak your truth and I want to enable you to do just that. 

Your story matters!

I meet women every day who feel like they are living in bondage to the stories inside of them. 

Many of them tell me they feel:

  • Ashamed
  • Embarrassed
  • Lacking Confidence
  • Guilty…
But I don’t want you to live that way for one more day. Together we can find your truth and share your story. 

I’m Lauren, and I am here to help you gain the confidence you need to overcome your fears so you can share your stories and TELL YOUR TRUTH!

I believe everyones story matters and YOU deserve to tell it. And most importantly, I want to hear it. 

I know how alone and trapped I felt, and what it was like living with depression and anxiety as I faced suicidal thoughts, homellessness and I know the 1 thing that helped me… Getting my story out.

Oh the freedom I experienced when I was able to speak my truth. 

Now I empower women by guiding them to find their truth, share their stories and provide them with the hope they’ve been searching for so you can love yourself and live your best life. 

Are you ready to experience your freedom and find your truth?

  • Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Specialist
  • Board Member – American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Certified Peer Recovery Specialist
  • Mental Health Advocate
  • Storyteller and Motivational Speaker

Break free from your bondage, discovery your truth and share your story. Start living the life you deserve today.