Good Girl Chronicles


GGC believes in the power of storytelling to empower people, help them heal, find freedom from shame, and inspire them to live their life authentically.


GGC founder Lauren Hope began sharing her mental health journey on her blog in 2016, and instantly found an online community inspired by her transparency. The experience allowed Hope to travel the state of Virginia giving talks on suicide prevention, mental health, and recovery. It also showed Lauren the power of storytelling to accept your truth, heal, liberate oneself from shame, and motivate others. She now aspires to give other people that same opportunity. Good Girl Chronicles has had great success creating community events, generating social media buzz, and press coverage. GGC offers one on one social media consulting, speech coaching, and event planning. GGC hopes to host large scale storytelling events and generate enough income to invest in equipment for more online storytelling. GGC would also like to expand the operating team to include a Creative Director, Copy editor, photographer/editor, blog contributors, and volunteers.  Would like to expand merchandising opportunities i.e t-shirts, bracelets.

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