Good Girl Chronicles

Storytelling… sharing my story online, and social media changed my life.

In 2016, I was coming out of the scariest, darkest depressive episode I’ve ever experienced. I had lost just about everything at this point. After surviving a suicide attempt in 2014, I walked away from my television job, gained 100 pounds, lost friends, and ultimately lost myself. As the dark clouds of depression started to lift, I felt spiritually called to share my story on my blog Good Girl Chronicles. My little blog had its own mini viral moment. People from all over the country began sharing their stories with me about surviving suicide, living with mental illness, and stigma. I realized that then that a lot of people are struggling in silence. A lot of people want to speak their truth, and something about my journey inspired them to do so.

I’ve learned that sharing your story frees you in so many beautiful ways, and connects you to people in ways you’d never imagine. Whatever your struggle is whether it be mental illness, heart break, disappointment, your story is worth telling, worth being told. 

That is the heart of Good Girl Chronicles LLC. I empower people to own their truth, live their truth, and then speak their truth. We do this through storytelling events, storytelling coaching, social media, and advocacy.

My mission is to help as many people as possible share their stories, learn to love themselves, and offer some engaging content along the way.

Love You, Love God More

Lauren Hope

Founder, Lauren Hopeg

Break free from your bondage, discovery your truth and share your story. Start living the life you deserve today.