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Coffee Lover Loses Heat for Caffeine

   Today I had my first cup of Joe in 30 days, and I can’t tell you how excited I was for this moment. I had a book picked out, and a good play list on my iPod ready to go. Since my body had gotten used to living without the strong drink, I decided to take it easy and order a Cafe Misto at Starbucks, a wonderful blend of steamed milk and coffee. It was a favorite drink of mine before I decided to kick my caffeine habit.

With my hot cup of Cafe Misto in hand, I was ready to tune out the world in a caffeine buzz I waited four weeks to feel again. I was expecting this warm sensation to come over me when I took my first sip.  And, to my surprise the magic, the warmth, the high I used to feel when I drank coffee wasn’t there…. Where had it gone? There was no excitement. No warm and fuzzies.

In the past when I drank coffee I’d have a few sips and mid way into my tall order I’d feel myself waking up, a boost of energy flowing through me, ready to seize the day. There was none of that today… I finished the coffee but my heart wasn’t in it. What does this mean? Is my love affair with coffee over? Will I ever feel that coffee buzz again? Do I want to?  I’m not sure what to make of this new found freedom from coffee or if I will go back to my two cup a day habit.  In the meantime I think coffee will just be a treat for me from now on, something I drink occasionally. Who am I kidding ? I work in news. It’s very likely my caffeine habit could start back up in no time, but for now my love affair with coffee with take a back seat to my new love….  English breakfast tea with honey, and fresh lemons.

I love the way all the flavors of the tea, honey, and lemon come together for the perfect morning drink, and warm me up before I lay my head to sleep.

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