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Good Girl Chronicles: An Expanded Vision

They say visions or dreams are the reality you see with your eyes closed. My vision of what Good Girl Chronicles LLC can be is huge, exciting, and impactful. But, when I open my eyes I often wonder how I’ll ever bring that dream into my reality. After my last storytelling event I am actually starting to believe my vision can be reality one day.

This past month I hosted my third and most attended storytelling night. More than 40 people attended the event featuring eight diverse speakers at a local brewery in downtown Norfolk. A local video company View It, Do It provided live video stream of the event on Facebook, and a popular food truck called Got FISH LLC had people lined up down the street for some of their amazing seafood.

As more and more people piled into the brewery, I found myself moving chairs to make room for people. I thought to myself, ‘This is really happening. I may have found that thing that defines Good Girl Chronicles LLC’

Two years ago when I started Good Girl Chronicles only a few friends attended my events. I was homeless, hotel hopping, but still trying to make Good Girl Chronicles event successful. Some days it was the only thing that gave me purpose or drive to get out of the bed in a season of brokenness. I remember night after I would give a big speech when I was homeless. I’d take whatever speaking fee if any and spend a little to keep my phone on, get a hotel for the night to shower, and for a few moments I let myself believe Good Girl Chronicles could sustain me. So to see people believing in this vision is breathtaking. It leaves me speechless when I think of the small community I’m building through storytelling.

I want to thank all the storytellers who have participated in my events the last few months and all the attendants who supported it. Your donations have allowed me to invest in Good Girl Chronicles and donate to the American Foundation for Suicide prevention. I am close to reaching my year goal.

Next Event: I’m hosting another storytelling night December 16, 2018 at Bearded Bird. There will be an ugly Christmas Sweater contest, a great lineup of speakers, and I hope sparks of hope that motivate people to make a change in themselves and their community.’

Season of Giving

Many nights last year I’d lie awake in the shelter crying for comforts of home. I remember listening to this Mariah Carey song called ‘Almost Home’ and trying with all my might to believe that if I just held on God was going to give me a feeling of home one day. Other nights I’d lie awake wishing I could something for all of lying on the church sanctuary. I’d wish I could mend the broken hearts, give second chances we all so desperately wanted, give something tangible that showed someone cared. The last week in the shelter program I went into my storage unit and gave away as much as I could; coats, dresses, bags, makeup, CD’s. All tokens from my once successful life. I vowed then to find a way to give to the homeless when my situation was better.

For a long time I struggled with how I could possible give to anyone. I have a car that barely works, inconsistent income, and bills I can’t pay. But in prayer I heard God say to me, “I’ve given you everything you need to sow into others. Look in front of you. You have everything you needed. “

I replied, “I have a interactive social media audience and some amazing business connections. What can I do with that?”

Me with board members of Abba List

When I thought about it harder, I could do a lot with that actually. This summer I hosted a popcorn fundraiser with a local business called TasteBuds. Through social media, my business connections, helpful friends we raised money for the shelter program, the Chesapeake Area Shelter Team, the very shelter I stayed in last year. This month Good Girl Chronicles hosted a paint night with a local company called Splattered & Poured and the Starving Artist. With half the proceeds from this fundraiser I’ll be buying Christmas gifts and self care items for a women’s shelter in Chesapeake called Burfoot House.

I know in my heart God wants us to be a blessing to others. Sometimes I think we get so caught up in our lack that we don’t see God has provided us beautiful ways to serve and give. Sometimes it’s our money, sometimes it’s our time, sometimes it’s a kind word.  But we all have something to give.

Good Girl Chronicles Receives First Award

Good Girl Chronicles is opening all kinds of opportunities for me to host, and emcee community events. In November, a hosted The Bennett Center Heroes in the Community awards gala honoring notable community leaders giving back in Hampton Roads. The list of recipients are doing remarkable things in the community like creating an affordable grocery story, helping domestic abuse victims, and mentoring youth.

At the end of the awards gala, a friend of mine, and local comedian came up to present a surprise award. IT WAS ME! I literally started crying like I had just won Miss America. I was given the ‘Hope Award’ for my work as a mental health advocate and speaker. I really can’t describe the joy I felt being honored in this way. It was a huge reminder that the work I am doing is purposeful and necessary. The award was also named after me and will be distributed every year in my honor.

Also if you read this and want to contribute to Good Girl Chronicles mission, you can make a donation at my GoFundme

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