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Good Girl Chronicles Storytelling Nights: We’re Growing !

I am full of so many emotions; excitement, awe, amazement, shock.

My first storytelling night, 2016

When I first hosted a storytelling night in 2016, I was lucky if my friends came.Now three years later my storytelling night events are reaching people in ways I never imagined. January 18th I hosted my fifth storytelling night, and over 50 people came to the show. The show is growing so much I am currently looking for a larger venue to hold the events, and hopefully reach more people.

Storytelling nights 2019

Storytelling nights feature 7 to 8 speakers who share stories of survival, transformation, humor and more. The growing success of these events proves something I have long known as a journalist; there is tremendous power in sharing lived experienced. As a motivational speaker I have been blown away at the impact my own story has created. It has comforted families who lost loved ones to suicide, been a voice for those struggling with mental illness , and inspired people to get help. When I saw the impact of my own personal story, I wanted to give other speakers the opportunity to do the same.

I am also excited to announce I will be featured in the Virginian Pilot this month. The feature will cover my mental health journey, my business, and storytelling night. A reporter and photographer from the Virginian Pilot attended the last event and captured this amazing video of some of our speakers.

Interested in getting involved? Apply to be a storyteller at my website, click share your story.

Also if you would like to become a Good Girl Chronicles LLC Ambassador you can apply on my website , click Be An Ambassador!

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