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New Purpose, Sowing A Seed of Hope in Others

I believe a big reason a lot of people do not get involved is that they don’t think their help matters. They feel small in comparison to the world’s problems; things like homelessness, poverty, addiction, human trafficking. Those are huge worldly problems.

I’m learning now that even the smallest seed can bring the biggest harvest in someone’s life. Meaning even the smallest act of service, kindness, or compassion can go a long way.
We’re all like gardens awaiting harvest. When people sow greatness in us with their time, love, and support we reap eventually a harvest of greatness. 
My hope is to sow greatness, hope, love, and support to as many people as I can. That is why no matter what God brings of my business Good Girl Chronicles I want to invest, sow, donate, and support other people and non-profits. I’ve benefited greatly from the generosity of others. Last year when I was homeless I stayed in an emergency winter shelter supported by the non-profit The Abba List. I received food from countless church food pantries. I received free clothes, and gas cards, bus passes. And, on those late nights in the shelter I saw God’s love through His children. People volunteered their time to be night monitors at the shelter. I watched them bring their own homemade food for our dinners and served us as guests. Now whatever I do I want to sow a seed in others through donations from my events and in the future book sales.
This next few weeks there are a lot of ways you can help me sow a seed in others.
You can buy one of my ‘Storytelling TShirts for a limited time only. A portion of proceeds from these T-shirt sales will go to a non-profit I adore called This is My Brave. This non-profits gives a platform to storytellers with mental illness. Learn more at

This is My Brave Show: October 21, 2018 I’ll be sharing my story of living with depression and anxiety at the This is My Brave Show in Arlington, VA at Gunstone One Theater. You help me raise money for this non-profit with a donation.

Good Girl Chronicles GIVE THANKS Paint Night : I’m hosting a paint night to support a local women’s shelter in Chesapeake, VA called Burfoot House. This is shelter helps women get job skills, support, and resources to live independtly again. 
Good Girl Chronicles Storytelling Night, November 16, 2018 : Fall Edition: I’m hosting a storytelling night featuring a list of speakers in Norfolk, VA. I believe storytelling sets you free and I want to create a platform for speakers to own their truth. This event is donation only. A portion of proceeds will go the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 

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