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Throwback Blog About Friendship: The Girls

The Girls
“I’ve always wanted four girlfriends
to chat with like on Sex & the City, says Lila, and I realized I have you
all.” Lila raises her margarita glass in honor of her closet female friends. 
The show Sex & the City has
changed the way women view themselves. The show empowered women through their sexuality and tight friendships, shot off sexual double standards, and gave
women across the nation the power to control their own sexual destinies. The
most intricate part of the show is the role of friendship in each character’s
life. Four 30-something women grapple with men and relationships in the heart
of New York City. When love had knocked the women off their stylish Manolo
Blahniks, their strong friendships gave them the strength to try again. As a
viewer of the show, it was entertaining to watch but, my mind couldn’t grasp
the magnitude of thirty-something women finding peace and comfort in each
other. But one night with a group of females that simply call themselves ” The
Girls” and I understood all too clearly the power of good conversation
over cosmos and pancakes.
the girls are talking about everything from men, movies, good food, love, and
of course sex. Each woman brings something completely different and insightful
to the conversation.
Kat, the sweet, mature beyond her
years, female speaks of changes in her love life. She is welcomed by the
comfort of her supportive friends who assure her confidence in love.
Kristen, the informed, undecided
psychologist, analyzes the romantic lives of “The Girls.” Even with all her
knowledge of sex and psychology even she’s nervous to take the first move with
her new beau.
Christina is the host for the night
and provider of life experience. She teaches the younger girls about men and blending
good drinks with just the right amount of Sky Vodka.
Alyssa, the intellectual scholar of
the group, keeps everyone informed about foreign affairs, but is just as
clueless as the rest when it comes to the complex mind of men.   
Lila, the honest but gentle friend,
has a life story full of comedic turns for every situation you can imagine. Her
ability to make you laugh at almost anything puts a positive light on even the
toughest of subjects.
 I, the newcomer with nervousness that’s hard
to hide, observe “The Girls” blend margaritas.

My nervousness overwhelmed my usually
bubbly personality. I wasn’t sure of my place in this all ready complete
sisterhood. As the night waned on laughter filled the room so many times my
nervousness had no place to fit. “The Girls” listened attentively about my
insecurities with love, life, sex, men, everything. I felt as though I was singing
my life story of insecurity and mishaps in love, to an audience of supportive
fans. Instead of judging me, “The Girls” gave me a mirror to which I could see
myself clearly, a reflection that surprisingly seemed everything but weird. I
felt so secure and normal in all my worries and insecurities.
After a few pancakes, a vanilla coke,
and shared work stories, I left the dinner feeling revived, energized, and
accepted. Finally, I understood the warmth of sisterhood.
Now when I watch reruns of Sex &
the City my heart will smile in remembrance of the night with “The Girls.” I
understand how four women can find soul mates in each other, the therapy of a
girl’s nights, and the relaxation of a cosmopolitan. Sex & the City did
more than teach women about their sexuality, how to own it and control it, the
women of New York taught all of us how to gain strength in each other
again.  Alyssa, Kristen, Kat, Lila and
Christina showed me that when everything was wrong your girls could make it
right. I will never forget them for that.

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