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Why Good Girls Love Kim Kardashian

I just started reading the new book by the Kardashian sisters, Kardashian Konfidential. While it won’t win any literary awards, if you’re a fan of the Kardashians you’ll love this inside look into their childhoods, and a closer look at the depths of their sometimes complicated sister relationships. I’m digging the book, I can barely put it down. My love for the Kardashian sisters is very interesting…  Consider this I could not stand Paris Hilton, a woman whose career pretty much began and ended with a sex tape unlike Ms. Kim Kardashian.
 Let’s face it the whole reason we know Kim is because of a sex tape with by Brandy’s brother Ray J. But what changed us from thinking she was another dolled up socialite making good on her sexed up 15 minutes of fame or shame ? Was it that Kim made us believe she was as embarrassed as most of us would be if something that intimate were released to the public? Or is it something more ?
Why I Think Good Girls Love the Kardashian
Here’s the real reason I think good girls like myself like Kim and her brood. It’s not just the flashy reality show. There’s somethings the Kardashians have that I’m afraid the Hiltons did not, better fashion for one…. a lot more charm.. and each of them have the ability to connect with their fans on a level I’m afraid the Hilton  sisters could not. As a viewer you feel you know Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney. And, in a lot ways the sisters embody the many facets of most good girls. With Khole you understand and empathize with her self-esteem issues, and if you’re like me you can understand what it’s like standing in the shadow of pretty girls. In the book Khole opens up about being be third wheel to her two gorgeous sisters, and how she found the strength to find her own sense of beauty. Kourtney embodies the drive and ambition that so many woman can appreciate.  I mean the woman is the brain child behind three successful clothing stores. She’s hardworking, and determined. Now if she could only use that drive to leave her boyfriend Scott.. And, with Kim I think good girls see the power of being comfortable in their own skin, that being sexy is nothing to be afraid of. I think Kim in all her confident struts, and ventures has given a lot of women their sexy back. You can’t help but be drawn to her confidence, it’s catchy. I hear women all the time say, “This is my Kim Kardashian look.” A look that says yes I’m sexy and I know it.

And, in the show we discover that Kim though wildly rich and beautiful was like most of us good girls, unsure of her love life, a little silly at times, and willing to work for something she believed in. Most girls want to see a glimpse of themselves in their favorite stars.. and Kim tapped into something in us… something that felt familiar ….. like Kim really was one of the girls.

Kim reminded us again that it was OK to be proud of our womanliness -curves and all. She let all of us with crazy families breathe easy – hers is much crazier. And, with her openness  we began to feel as if we knew her ( i admit i follow her on twitter… don’t judge me)

We love Kim for a lot of the same reasons we love L.C from the Hills – even though she’s lived a life most of us can only dream of – there’s something that feels authentic and real about her…. and she makes us all feel confident in flaunting our sexy … and for most good girls… the idea of flaunting the sexy with no shame.. is very powerful…..

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